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Company History

TAVAN AFZAR Company established in 1991. The main activities of this Company are Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning of Industrial Plants and Equipment, Especially in the field of Cooling Towers with High Capacity.

During the years, Our Company has involved in many Industrial Projects. We obtain relevant technology and gain “Know-How” of mechanical induced draft Cooling Towers with high Capacity in terms of Designing, Manufacturing, and Supplying parts, Installation and Commissioning and Revamping.

• Main parameter for design & increase capacity of cooling towers is subjected to type of packing. In this regard TAVAN AFZAR Co. produces TURBOsplashPAC® panels under license Agreement with NERI Co. (Italy). This type of packing is a combination of Film Type & Splash type packing which is constructed by Polypropylene and is compatible with any type Circulating Water.

This company has the competency and also ability as well to execute E.P.C (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and E.P. (Engineering, Procurement) projects related to all type of wet cooling towers field.

Design and Manufacture:
Design of mechanical induced draft ,Counter Flow or Cross Flow type Cooling Tower with wood or Concrete or Fiberglass Structure.

Manufacturing & Supplying:
• Axial Fan with 10ft to 30 ft (3048mm to 9144mm) Diameter.
• Fan Blade made by FRP or Aluminum.
• Fan Hub made by S.Steel or H.D.G Steel or Epoxy Painted Steel.
• Fan Stack for Axial fans from 10ft to 30ft made by FRP.
• Drive Shaft with flexible joints made by S.Steel or Composite Material.
 Flexible Joint
 Universal Joint
• Gear Reducers
• Electrical Motor
• Filling(Packing):
• Splash type made by P.P panel & P.P spacers with S.Steel Hangers.
• Splash type made by Treated FIR Splash bar & FRP Grid Support.
• Film type made by P.V.C .Corrugated Film Sheets.
• TURBOsplashPAC® (For more information see www.nerifill.com)
• Eliminators:
• Profile type eliminators made by P.V.C and P.P Spacers.
• Herringbone type made by Treated plywood support & Treated FIR Blades.
• Panel type made by P.V.C or A.B.S Film Sheets.

• Cladding :
• Corrugated Sheets for Casing and Louvers made by FRP or A.C.B

• Hot Water Distribution System Parts:
• Main Pipes and Fitting made by FRP or P.V.C.
• Target Nozzles made by P.P.
• Hot Water Basin made by Treated water proof plywood or FRP Panel (Cross Flow Cooling Tower).
• Sub-Branches Pipes and Fittings made by P.P.
• Over flow Pipes and Fittings made by P.P.

• Wood Parts made by Russian or Euro FIR, Treated by C.C.A or A.C.C. Solution at 10kg /cm pressure.

• Light Steel Structure & Mechanical Equipment Supports
• Hardware kit & Fasteners

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