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Troubleshooting & Reparation

Due to the potential degradation and damage of cooling tower components and equipment during the operation period or for other reasons( depreciation, non-standard maintenance conditions, etc.), The need for repairing parts became one of the main cooling tower after sales services. This has been done through pre-defined steps such as dispatching the company experts to the site, initial visit of defected equipment and so on.
Tavan Afzar Co. is able to do the repairing job as follows:

For Mechanical and Rotary Parts:
The repair process begins with the employer formal request which regards to sending experts to visit damage parts and equipment. After parts visit stage It is determined that, which parts could be repaired in place or there is a necessity for transferring to Tavan Afzar Co. workshop for major repairs.

For Fixed Parts:
After receiving drawings and photographs of damage parts and equipment, the company experts identify the type of damage and required instruction and material, will be proposed to the owner for maintenance or reconstruction.

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